So, what is Inverted Plane? Over the course of many years, I’ve had the opportunity to take part in an activity most pilots never get to experience – airshow flying. I’ve flown in shows on four continents and in eight countries. That, by the way, pales in comparison to what other show pilots have on their resumes. However, flying planes in an airshow offers an opportunity to see the world in an unusual way – inverted.

Being upside down at hundreds of miles an hour requires some specific considerations. There’s attention to detail on maintaining a safe height above the ground – fairly obvious. Your blood is rushing to your head, your eyes are darting around for positional references, your mind is calculating wind correction and parameters for the next maneuver, and your body is preparing for upcoming forces on it. Amidst all that, is the reality from upside down at over 300 miles-per-hour and 200 feet off the ground in an aircraft that can pull seven times the force of gravity – pull instead of push, and you’re dead in about a second.

So how do you not do the wrong thing? It’s Inverted Plane mentality – before the results become irreversible, you contemplate and rehearse, and you assess the effects before you make a decision which could dramatically affect your costs, your schedule, your program, your business, your life. It’s assessing emotions (empathy), listening without bias (being open), playing devil’s advocate (killing your own idea). It’s seeing a vision from every side. It’s researching, learning, failing, winning – everything – and so much more!

So Inverted Plane seeks to offer examinations of these principles, sometimes as parables, sometimes through history, sometime with science – to each their own – but always from unusual perspectives. My goal is to offer something weekly at a minimum, and eventually incorporate guests, featured contributors, and a podcast. This is not intended to be about politics or agendas, but rather an examination of thoughts and perspectives. Everyone is equal here. Everyone is welcome here. Join me, won’t you?

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